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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to make Integrate Advertising as a destination for Adobe Audience Manager (DMP)
How to upload user-supplied lat/long data in a CSV
How to use pipe delimiter in Impression/Click report
How to enable the "viewability" option for your creatives
How to add Integrate Pixel into Google Tag Manager
How are conversions recorded/tracked?
How is the penetration rate calculated on the Insights tab?
How are the buying stages in 'Insights' tracked?
What's 'Insights' feature and how to use it
How to Create, Use, and Manage Account Lists
List of Supported Target Job Titles (Updating)
Video Ad Specifications
What we do with Managed Service
Receiving Logs in your AWS S3 Bucket
Bidding Strategy
Auto Email Reports
Using API Conversion Events
Instruction Manual for your SFDC Opportunity History Report
A way to check if conversions are firing correctly
How to setup the conversion URL correctly.
Understanding Account Performance Data
Why page view and clicks do not match?
Identify Conversion Events
How to update accounts' zip codes in the product or via CSV
Is there JavaScript tracking code or a pixel that needs to be added to my website?
Website Personalization User Manual
How do I add custom classes to enable website personalization?
How do I add multiple zip codes per account in a CSV file?
Where can I get a sample CSV file to target my ABM accounts with ads?
How do I setup my Salesforce integration?
How do I fix a campaign that's "On Hold" due to credit card failures?
How do I add more accounts to an existing campaign?
Is there a limit to the number of accounts I can target in a ListenLoop campaign?
How can I adjust the budget of an ABM ad campaign once it is under way?
Adding Fields to the Salesforce Account Object to Sync ListenLoop Data
Making a Set of Ads for your ABM Campaign
A/B Testing Ads for Optimized ABM Campaigns
Can I see where my ads are displayed? What controls do I have over this?
Can ListenLoop evenly distribute impressions across our target accounts?
Why does ListenLoop re-fill the ad budget if I was recently charged for this campaign?