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What we do with Managed Service
What we do with Managed Service
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ListenLoop is a self-serve ABM advertising platform with multiple functions to help serving your ads to your target accounts effectively. We don't force "Account Managers" on you through annual contracts, but under high volume users' requests and better professional service, we also offer monthly basis managed service to help users manage & optimize their campaigns to get great performance. If you are not sure of the whole price plans, you can check it here.

Here are the details of the whole managed service plans🚀:

The $1,000/mo plan provides a bi-weekly phone call with Client to review campaign performance, plus ListenLoop's account managers conducting a weekly reviews of your campaigns.  Such check-ins will optimize for maximum delivery, reach, and CTR with respect to:

  • campaigns

  • accounts

  • creatives

  • page views

  • conversions

The $2,000/mo service plan includes everything above, plus weekly phone calls, two weekly optimization reviews, and enhanced attention to:

  • campaign spending to ensure budgets are on track

  • pausing accounts that are under-performing (e.g., poor CTR or limited intent after 500 impressions)

  • creative review to pause ad units with sub-optimal CTR

  • analyzing and optimizing inventory sources to boost CTR

  • view-ability filters to balance CTR vs. impression volume

ListenLoop also offers a $3,000/mo service plan that includes everything above on a daily basis, plus enhanced attention to:

  • reactively blocking publishers and building a future-usable black list

  • fine-tuning budget allocation per account once a week

  • manually researching any un-matched accounts to boost match rate

  • ad sequencing based on impression or click volume

  • sending raw impression data to your Amazon S3 database for BI tools (Tableau, Domo, etc.)

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about the managed service, you can contact us via the online chat ↘️or our support team:

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