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Making a Set of Ads for your ABM Campaign
Making a Set of Ads for your ABM Campaign

Give us a mood board and two weeks, and we'll deliver a few ad concepts for you to A/B test.

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If you've deployed at least $1,000 in ad budget, ListenLoop can make a set of ads for your ABM campaign.  Below is the process we use:

  • Send me a mood board of designs you like (3-5 designs is good enough). You can get ideas by going to and searching for competitors or brands you like.

  • Send any prior banner ads your team has used to get a sense for design elements that you like.

  • Send your company's brand guidelines (color palettes, logo in SVG/EPS, etc.)

  • ListenLoop will take your mood board and return initial drafts of 2-3 design concepts in one size, usually 160x600.

  • You'll give us feedback on the concepts, including a rank of your favorite designs.

  • We'll return another iteration based on your feedback.  We'll repeat these steps until we finalize the layout.

  • You'll finalize the copy for the creative, and we'll keep the template on file should you want to crank out more variations in the future.

We'll deliver final ad images in these supported sizes:

Leaderboard: 728x90

Wide Skyscraper: 300x600

Skyscraper: 160x600

Medium Rectangle: 300x250

Mobile Interstitial: 320x480

Large Mobile Banner: 320x100

Mobile Leaderboard: 320x50

Square: 250x250

Portrait: 300x1050

We will use the following Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) Universal Ad Package for your creative:

                                                      IAB Universal Ad Package

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