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What's 'Insights' feature and how to use it
What's 'Insights' feature and how to use it
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We're proud to announce a new feature, the Insights Dashboard.  This page reports your impressions, clicks, and more for each target account across your campaigns.

Feel free to check out my demo video below:

There, you can see detailed information with various filter, like

  • creative name

  • list name

  • date range

  • and more

You can also track total unique accounts reached by all campaigns, measure the percentage of visitors that clicked on the ad, see a heatmap of job levels reached per account.

Here's quick tour on how to use our latest reporting feature:

Click "Graphs" and you will see the engagement levels and top account information.

The first bar graph, "Stage of Engagement" shows delivery levels of different creative metatags (awareness, consideration, and action) across your campaigns.  The "Top 10 Accounts" shows the accounts that have received the most number of impressions or clicks, including a color-coded breakout of each job level (C-Level, VP, Director, Manager, and Other).  The "Penetration Rate" shows the number of accounts that have received clicks in the selected time frame.  Finally, the "All By Title" report shows the proportion of ads that have been delivered to each of the job level categories. 

Second, click on the “Heatmap” tab, which shows a color-mapped view of Account Data based on Job Title levels:

Third, click on “Table”, which shows the all metrics per job level per account in a single table:

Lastly, if you are an Integrate Data Marketplace customer, you can view each lead that was captured as a result of a tandem advertising & content syndication campaign.

Let us know if you have any questions. Enjoy the Insights 👐

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