If you want to update your accounts' zip codes, there have two ways to do that. 

Via Product:

You can simply enter into the account page, move your mouse to the account you want to update.

Click on the "Pen" button.

Then you will see the window like below:

ListenLoop Data: the zips you uploaded by CSV when you add accounts.

* The ListenLoop Data can not be deleted. If you want to make the changes on this, you can simply turn off the account, and upload the same account with updated zips again. (See below under CSV method)

If you just want to add more zips, you can put the new zip into, and save it. (Display under User Data)

* You can go ahead delete the zips under User data. (Which you added after the account was created)

Via CSV:

Uploading a CSV file with the accounts who have updated zips, which shows "NEW" under status. Then you just need to turn off the same accounts with old zips.

Please let us know if you have any questions via support@listenloop.com or via the chat box ↘️

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