Please follow the following steps to import DMP audiences:

  1. The client (in self-serve scenarios) or the INT CS rep (for managed service clients) navigates to 

  2. Click on “Add New Segment” 

  3. Enter a globally unique segment name, e.g., “this-is-some-great-segment-name”.

  4. if the name is not globally unique, the platform will inform the user to try a different name.

  5. Have the client create a segment / audience with the same globally unique name as above in their Adobe Audience Manager (AAM)

  6. Client then shares AAM segment/audience names & the Adobe trait IDs via an email to our Support team with a subject that begins with “New Adobe Audience Manager Segments...”

  7. We will register AAM segment/audience names & alternative IDs (Adobe trait IDs)

  8. Client should wait for confirmation from their Inteegrate account representative that this step has been completed before proceeding

  9. We confirm AAM segment/audience name & alternative ID (Adobe trait IDs) registration

  10. You need to push AAM segment/audience data to an S3 destination, and should be sure to set your AAM “PID-ALIAS” to match the 'listenloop' Buzz Key

  11. Your “Buzz Key” is present in your URL for accessing your UI (e.g. 

  12. Please consult your Adobe representative on how to set your PID-ALIAS in the AAM Platform

Once the above processing is complete, the new AAM segments/audiences within your account. You can start using the segment by associating it to a campaign.

Feel free to let us know if you have any more questions via

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