Using API Conversion Events

Call the conversion event when you're faced with an AJAX form or click-to-PDF conversion.

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Using Conversion Events

ListenLoop supports event-based conversions using the JavaScript tag.  Simply call this function and include the name of the conversion event, like this:

     ll_conversion("Test API Conversion");

The conversions event will be created or added to a campaign if the visitor belongs to a target account.  

n.b.  you won't see a conversion if you trigger the event on your site because you are not targeting yourself as an account in your list.  But when your target account is on your website, and the event is fired, ListenLoop will add the conversion event to the appropriate campaigns.

Let's review an example together.  

The marketing team at ListenLoop wanted to track a conversion event whenever a target account used the ABM budget calculator.

So the marketing team adds the ll_conversion("Chosen Name") JS snippet inside of the function that is called when a visitor clicks on the call to action:

That's it!  Now when a target account clicks on the call to action, ListenLoop's dashboard shows this:

Please reach out to us if you have any implementation questions. We're happy to help!

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