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Can ListenLoop evenly distribute impressions across our target accounts?
Can ListenLoop evenly distribute impressions across our target accounts?

TL;DR – not really unless you're using ListenLoop's Salesforce integration to setup drip campaigns based on impression volumes.

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A client recently asked, "I noticed that some accounts have received 200+ impressions while others have 0 impressions. Why does this happen?"

ListenLoop cannot force a specific distribution of impressions because whether an impression is served or not depends on many variables beyond our control. 

For example, if I were to target "Marketers" at two accounts – (1) Walmart and (2) SmallStartup – in a campaign, I should expect more impressions at Walmart because the number of employees is much larger there.

Moreover, ListenLoop bids on ads when prospects visit ad-supported publisher sites, and thus has to wait for "Marketers" at each company to visit sites like to deliver the ads. As a result, ListenLoop cannot control or estimate when or how many people at a target account will go online to receive the ads.

But there is hope. If you're using ListenLoop's integration with Salesforce to pick companies from Account View Lists, you can setup a drip campaign that automatically moves accounts from List-1 to List-2 based on impression volumes.  E.g., "If Account X has received > 200 impressions, move to List-2."  See this video for more details. 

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