A client recently asked, "why does ListenLoop re-fill the balance if it has already charged $1000 last week ago for my campaign?"

ListenLoop re-fills your budget balance on the first day of each month to ensure you have enough money in the system to buy ads on pace with your desired monthly budget. Consider this example:

  • On June 15, assume you start a campaign for $1000 per month, and ListenLoop charges you $1000 for June's retainer.

  • On June 30, you have used $450 of the June retainer.  

  • On July 1, there's only $550 balance to cover $1000/mo ad spend pace for July.

  • On July 1, ListenLoop charges you $450 to bring the balance up to $1000 for July in order to have enough money available to sustain a $1000/mo pace (e.g., $33/day).

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