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Understanding Account Performance Data
Understanding Account Performance Data

This article explains the meaning of each data set in ListenLoop's account performance table.

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This article explains each data title's meaning in ListenLoop's account performance table:

When you navigate to the account performance page, you will see the data like the screenshot above.  The data sets and icons therein are explained here:

This icon tells you whether an account is matched or unmatched. The icon is green if the account is matched. it will be grey if the account is unmatched. An account is "matched" if ListenLoop is able to triangulate the account using first- and/or third-party cookie data sets.

This icon tells you whether IP addresses were identified for a given account. To enable this feature, you may need to click on "IP Lookup" to use your 500 lookup credits per month.

Account: this is the name of your target account.

Zips: this is the geo-location of the account you are targeting. If you didn't submit zip codes in CSV or Salesforce list, it will show the data sourced from ListenLoop's database.

Pageviews: this is measurement data from ListenLoop's Pixel, which tracks the number of page views generated from target accounts that visit your webpages.

WP: this is the number of times an account has received a personalized page view.

Conversions: this is the number of conversions recorded for an account.

Impressions: this is the number of impressions you delivered to an account.

Clicks: this is the number of times an account has clicked on your ads.

CTR: this is the Click-through rate, calculated as the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions.

Duration: this shows how much time a target account has spent on your website
(n.b. the ListenLoop Pixel must be active on a page to enable this)

Engagement: this score measures whether target accounts are engaged with your campaign. This score is a weighted combination of each account’s impressions, clicks, page views, time on site, and conversions.

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