ListenLoop can deliver batch log data to customers' Amazon S3 accounts with the proper ACL permissions being added to your bucket policy. 

Please note the following information regarding ListenLoop Data Center locations and batch log consumption: 

  • US-EAST-1

  • All data for batch Win, Auction, and AdX Loss Logs will be delivered to US-EAST-1 regardless of where the bidding instance is deployed

Log into your AWS account on the AWS Management Console and navigate to the S3 tab.

Create a new bucket, in the US Standard S3 region.  Note: Make sure the bucket name is a DNS-compliant address. For example, the name should not include any underscores; use hyphens instead. For more information on S3 bucket name guidelines, see AWS Bucket Restriction and Limitation documentation.

Be sure to disable the “Requester Pays” feature as this will prevent ListenLoop from placing log files into your bucket.

Proceed with all AWS default options, (including ensuring that your bucket is not made public). Create the S3 bucket with these settings.

Navigate back to your new bucket and click on it to edit. Go to the 'Permissions' tab and click on 'Bucket Policy' in:

In the 'Bucket Policy Editor' pane, paste the following S3 read-only policy object (editing it to include *<customer_bucket_name>/* where appropriate) and click 'Save'. 

   "Version": "2012-10-17",
   "Id": "Policy1537201128834",
   "Statement": [
           "Sid": "AllowUserAllS3ActionsOnlyInTheSpecificBucket",
           "Effect": "Allow",
           "Principal": {
               "AWS": "arn:aws:iam::687065209424:user/listenloop"
           "Action": "s3:*",
           "Resource": "arn:aws:s3:::<customer_bucket_name>/*"

Remember to replace <customer_bucket_name> in line 12 with a bucket name. 

Lastly, provide that bucket name to ListenLoop, and we will start sending logs there.

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