Identify Conversion Events
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Optionally, you may setup conversion events to track whether your target accounts engaged in desired behavior. For instance, you may want to track whether an account submitted a "Contact Us" form.  

To enable this feature, you must include the ListenLoop JS code / pixel on the conversion URL.  Then add a Conversion Event to your campaign by inputting a name, conversion value in dollars, and conversion URL:

You may use wildcards here, too.  E.g., *thank-you* would record a conversion event for an account visiting “” and “”.  

You may create as many conversion events as you want to record your campaign’s performance.  This is useful when a wildcard is over-inclusive but you need to match on multiple URLs.

Updating Conversion Event

You may update any Conversion Events by clicking on the pencil icon.  This allows you to change the Conversion Name, Value, and URL. Remember to click on the "Save" button to save your changes. This is useful if you are editing a campaign after it has been launched.

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