We offer two ways to upload and target a list of accounts: (1) via Salesforce Integration and (2) using CSV files.  This help article focuses on using CSV files to create and manage your Account Lists.

1. Using Account Lists in the campaign launch workflow

Begin by clicking on "Create or Pick from a List".  Next, you will have an opportunity to pick an existing list for your campaign or create a new list via a CSV upload:

Once you upload your list, you will be asked to map the contents of that file to ListenLoop-recognized fields.  Name your list accordingly, and click on the "Next" button.  

ListenLoop will show your uploaded data, parsed according to your field selections. Confirm that this is correct and click on "Next".  If something is incorrect, repeat the foregoing steps or make single-row changes using the "Edit" pencil icon:

You can choose one or multiple lists for a campaign. ListenLoop will automatically de-duplicate accounts by domain name first and then strict name matching. 

You can also add more accounts to an existing list by clicking on the [+] icon.  In this instance, ListenLoop appends the second CSV to create a larger master list:

It is possible for you to change the list(s) associated to a campaign by clicking on the Edit pencil icon from the Campaigns dashboard. Just remember to complete the wizard to save any changes in the campaign.  Simply changing the lists without "re-launching" won't propagate your edits. 

2. Using the Manage Lists page to edit accounts and lists

Navigate to the "Manage Lists" page if you want to edit account details within a list:

There, you can archive the list or edit account details for each list (including activating or deactivating certain accounts).  

Simply click on the edit pencil icon in the options column, and make changes like so:

If you update accounts within a list, all campaigns connected to that list will receive the updated account list.  This is especially useful if you want to manage multiple campaigns using the same list of accounts.  

Please note: Once you archive a list, all campaigns connected to that list will be disconnected. This may cause your campaign to turn off. You will need to assign a new list for those disconnected campaigns if you would like to continue running them. 

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions via support@listenloop.com or Chat with us.

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