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Why page view and clicks do not match?
Why page view and clicks do not match?
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Sometimes you will have a question that why some accounts have four clicks, but one page view. Why wouldn’t they have four page views in that instance.

Great, you're right that the page views should approximate the number of clicks, but for various reasons these numbers can be different.  There are many posts on this topic, including explanations from Google itself:

> When you compare Clicks from AdWords and Sessions from Analytics side by side, you might expect that the numbers match, however, they often don't.There are a number of reasons why this can occur.

Our software records a click from the ad server, whereas the ListenLoop JS tag records visitor sessions that are susceptible to not being recorded for various reasons (e.g., tag didn't load properly in a given event, didn't load in time, the visitor had certain browser settings preventing JS tag from recording the user, etc.)  Best explained by Google's FAQ: 

> The key takeaway here is that the process to record a click is straightforward; however, recording a session involves requirements and checkpoints. The whole process from click to session should happen within seconds, but if latency is introduced at any of these checkpoints, then this can in turn reduce the click-to-session ratio (more clicks than sessions are recorded).

Similarly, you will find there are accounts with no clicks, but several page views, which call non-click views. Why this happened?

The page views are based on "view through" technology, so seeing the ad and visiting the site should count even without a click; provided, however, that the JS tag loaded and fired a "tracking" event before the person moved on to another page.

Please let us know if you have any follow-up questions!

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