You must have an existing Bombora license and API key to enable this feature. If you are a self-serve customer, you can enter that API key directly into the Integrate Advertising UI, or you may provide the API key to your Integrate Account Manager to do the same here:

  • After entering the API key, Integrate Advertising will connect to your Bombora account to enable dynamic TAL creation. Please note that it can take up to 15 minutes to synchronize data from Bombora to Integrate Advertising. 

  • Once the synchronization is complete, you can create a TAL as follows: 

  1. Click on “New Campaign”

  2. Choose “ABM Advertising” and click on next, then click on “Create or Pick a List”

  3. Click on “Add New List”

  4. Click on “Intent List”

  • Next, you should choose Bombora “Topics” to identify companies that are showing intent with respect to certain subjects in Bombora’s taxonomy. 

  • Then you must provide a “List Name” for reference in the product. 

  • You should select a minimum intent score, which acts as a filter for the list.  For example, Bombora recommends a minimum score of 60-70 as a reliable indicator that a company is showing higher-than-baseline intent on a given topic. 

  • Finally, you must identify how many accounts you want to include in the target account list. This feature will take the top accounts in descending order of intent score. 

  • For instance, if you only wants a list of the 200 accounts most interested in “3D Design”, you would select these options:

  • After clicking “Submit”, you will see (and can select) your TAL in the List view: 

  • n.b. Bombora can take up to 15 minutes to create a report and send it to Integrate Advertising, and a list of accounts will not be viewable until that time.  When the report is viewable, you can see which accounts were included in their TAL by clicking on the eye-icon

  • You can select the Bombora-powered list and create a campaign as you normally would.  

  • Integrate Advertising stays in sync with Bombora’s report, automatically pulling new data every week (which is the data refresh period from Bombora).  This means that if a new account began surging for “3D Design” next week, then it would be automatically added to the TAL.  If an account is no longer surging for “3D Design”, Integrate Advertising continues advertising to the account for a period of up to 90 days from the last time the account appeared in the TAL. You cannot de-select accounts from a Bombora-powered list.

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions via, or chat with us ↘️

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