ABM marketers want to tell a story with their advertising, and now they can with ListenLoop's ad sequencing feature.  Imagine starting your campaign with Ad-1, and then switching to Ad-2 after 200 impressions or Ad-3 after 2 clicks!  The tutorial below shows you how to set this up in your campaigns.  

Once you are inside a campaign, navigate down to the creatives section and click on SEE MORE

There, you’ll see a new button that says NEW SEQUENCE. Go ahead and click on that.

This will bring you to the sequencing section:

The first Sequence is the default set of ads that are delivered when an account matches your target list. This is where all your current ad units will appear before adding more sequences.

Add a sequence by clicking the NEW SEQUENCE button:

Give it a name and choose a trigger. For instance, if you choose CLICKS > 0 as a trigger, then any device you are targeting with at least one click on ads in the first sequence will be moved to sequence number 2.

After setting up your triggers, make sure you upload ad units into your second sequence.

Lastly, click SAVE & CLOSE to preserve your changes.

Now, your target prospects will start with ads in Sequence 1 (focused on brand awareness):

and then move to Sequence 2 (focused on content offer) after clicking on the initial ads:

In this way, you can build a narrative with target prospects, starting with top-funnel awareness advertising that's followed-up with middle-funnel content they'll want to review.

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions. You can simply click on the chat icon at the right bottom corner ↘️or email us: support@listenloop.com.

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